Skilled in a wide range of marine and professional services to yacht owners and managers, Fiduciary brings the expertise and knowledge of a skilled team, prepared to meet the needs of yacht owners.  Fiduciary will ensure that careful consideration is given to the registering process of a vessel contacting the relevant Government departments.

We will ensure that taxes are paid to date, required policies for the yacht are issued and insurance is updated. Wewillalsoarrange crew remuneration ,  ensure your returns are accurate and up to date, and advise on your employment contracts. Employing a crew can come along with complex issues.

Fiduciary ensures that your employees and crew are paid properly and on time according to Gibraltar’s regulations, in the appropriate format and currency and with all the correct statutory deductions can be complex and time consuming. Fiduciary’s payroll team applies all the necessary skills and technology to keep records of alltransactions. Since the annual expenditure on the maintenance and operation of a yacht is estimated to be 10% to 12% of her value, we will assist in maintaining financial control and in having complete visibility over expenditure.

Owning a yacht implies both privileges and responsibility.Our skilled, professional team is ready to provide a full range of accountancy services to help you ensure that you are fully compliant with all local regulations and to support you in meeting your long-term aspirations.

We take away the burden of day-to-day book-keeping tasks, bank statements and cards reconciliations, budgeting, monthly, quarterly and annual reporting, and VAT registration and returns. We prepare annual accounts for filing, arrange audits as appropriate and fully support your strategic decision-making with clear analysis and financial information.

Fiduciary keeps your yacht running smoothly and makes ownership as straightforward as possible.