To avoid this, a large majority of yachts are flagged in British Overseas Territories, known as the ‘Red Ensign Group’ — comprised of UK Overseas Territories and the Crown Dependencies, which includes Gibraltar.

The Red Ensign Group divides the British Shipping Registries in two categories.

  • Category 1 –this will register ships of unlimited tonnage and type.
  • Category 2 –this will register commercial ships and pleasure vessels of up to 150 gross tons (GT). This limit can be extended to 400GT with an agreement in place with the UK.

Gibraltar YachtRegistry is an internationally recognised registry.Gibraltar is an ideal choice for those who want the security in belonging to a British Register and flying the British Red Ensign,an internationally recognised and respected flag, whilst taking advantage of the legislation which is based on English Common Law.

The Red Ensign has been the recognised flag of the British Merchant Navy since 1707 and allows vessels to fly the Red Ensign without incurring high costs. The defaced British flag comes with international recognition, protection, prestige and the ability to seek assistance from any of the British embassies and consulates worldwide where the vessel may be situated.

The Red Ensign jurisdictions are widely-known by a broad-spectrum of industry professionals, including captains, brokers, finance companies, builders, or service providers within the yachting industry, for being an accustomed, popular and practical system.

British law allows a transferable registration to be accomplished from one port to another without any further requirements, simply by filling an application with the corresponding ship registry.